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Seminar on Pre-Modern Medicine (15.7.2012)

Byte Dr Syed Ziaur Rahman

Monday, 13 October 2014




“Life & Contribution of Ibn Sīnā”



25th October 2014

9.00 to 10.15 AM                               Registration
Venue: Ibn Sīnā Academy,
                                                            Tijara House, Dodhpur, Aligarh

10.30 AM                                            Inauguration     
Kennedy Auditorium, AMU, Aligarh

Recitation of Holy Quran                    Qari Aftab Alam                     

Welcome Address                                Prof. Syed Zillur Rahman

Speeches by Guests of Honour:
Prof. Syed Shakir Jamil
                                                            Prof. Raisur Rahman
                                                            Brig. Syed Ahmad Ali
                                                            Mr. Moosa Raza
                                                            Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud Al-Hussien
                                                            Prof. Abdul Hannan

Speech by Chief Guest                        Mrs. Sadia Rashid

Presidential Address                            Lt. General Zameer Uddin Shah

Vote of Thanks                                    Dr. Syed Ziaur Rahman

National Anthem                                 Mr. Johny Foster and Team

MC                                                      Dr. F. S. Sherani

1.30 to 2.30 PM                                  Lunch
Venue: Ibn Sīnā Academy

3.00 to 5.30 PM                                  Scientific Session 1
                                                            at Ibn Sīnā Academy

Hall 1              Chairmen: Dr. Mohd. Ali Ebneyan & Prof. Raisur Rahman

1.   Mr. Moosa Raza                            Ibn Sīnā: Relevance of his philosophy in modern times

2.   Dr. Ala Narayana                          Medical Manuscripts of Ibn Sīnā Extant in National
                                                            Institute of Indian Medical Heritage, Hyderabad

3.   Dr. M. K. Zinjani Asl                    Some observations on the Avicenna’s medical heritage
                                                            in the Quṭub Shāhī’s era

4. Dr. Tasadduq Hussain                    Angeology of Ibn Sīnā

5. Dr. Kathleen M.Longwaters           A Poet’s Complaint, a Doctor’s Cure: The Legacy of
                                                            Ibn Sīnā in ‘Allāma Iqbal’s Shikwa

6.   Dr. Sami Rafiq                              A Comparative Study of Sufi Symbols in the selected
                                                            works of Ibn Sīnā and Ibn ‘Arabi

7.   Prof. Md. Sirajul Islam                  Ibn Sīnā's Concept of Man: A Philosophical Appraisal

Hall 2              Chairmen: Mr. Salahuddin Siddiqui & Prof. S. Shakir Jamil

8.   Prof. A. Raheem Kidwai               Ibn Sīnā: A Legend in the History of Medicine

9.   Prof. Mohd. Sanaullah                  Avicenna Latinus or the Latin School of Ibn Sīnā

10. Dr. Abu K. Al-Mahmood              Ibn Sīnā: Father of Modern Medicine

11. Dr. Shahnawaz                              Ibn Sīnā: A Polymathic Personality

12. Dr. Shabiya Sultana                       Ibn Sīnā: A Legendary Personality

13. Dr. Sohail Ahmad                          Ibn Sīnā: A Versatile Unani Physician 

14. Dr. Sanaullah Mir                          Ibn Sīnā's Account of Knowledge

15. Dr. Shahana Ayub                         Ibn Sīnā: A Great Physician

5.30 PM                                              Tea Break

7.00 to 9.15 PM                                              Mushaira
                                                            at Ibn Sīnā Academy
                                                            Sadar Mashaira         
Prof Abdul Hannan & Mr. A. Rahman

9.30 PM                                              Dinner at Habib Manzil, Marris Road
26th October 2014

7.30 to 8.30 AM                                 Breakfast

9.00 to 10:45AM                                Scientific Session 2
at Ibn Sīnā Academy

Hall 1:               Chairmen: Prof. Saud Ali Khan & Prof. Tajuddin

16. Dr. Abdur Rauf                             A Critical Study of Ibn Sīnā’s Risālah Adviya Qalbiya 

17. Dr. Abdul Aziz Khan                    Revisiting Ibn Sīnā’s Al Qānūn fi al Tibb: A Magnum
                                                            Opus of all times with Special Reference to
                                                            Translations by O. C. Gruner and M. Z. Shah
18. Dr. Shabnam Ansari                     Therapeutic Principles of Liver Diseases with Special                                                            Reference of Hepatoprotective Drugs in Avicenna’s
                                                            Canon of Medicine

19. Hkm. K. Ahmad S. Azmi              Naey Alfiya kā Ibn Sīnā

20. Prof. Abdul Bari                            Ibn Sīnā ek bā Kamāl Muhaqqiq Falsafi aur ʻIlm
                                                            Kalām ke Tanāzur mein

21. Prof. Aisha Kafeel, Karachi          ʻUlūm-i-Insāni aur Ibn Sīnā

Hall 2:                 Chairmen: Dr. Abu Kholdun Al-Mahmood & Dr. Ala Narayana

22. Dr. Jamuna N.                               Medicinal Aromatherapy  

23. Dr. S. K. A. Rizvi                          Clinical Parasitology during Ibn Sīnā’s Period of
                                                            Medical Philosophy

24. Prof. A. H. Khan                           Role of Ibn Sīnā in Physiology

25. Dr. Mughees A. Ansari                 Ibn Sīnā’s Contribution to Anatomy 

26. Dr. Ubaidullah                               Contribution of Ibn Sīnā to ʻIlm Tashrīh

27. Dr. Sikandar Hussain                    Control of Metabolism: Avicenna’s Interesting

28. Dr. Arshi Riaz                               Contribution of Avicenna in Psychological Disorders

29. Dr. Farooq Ahmad Dar                 An analysis of Galen's and Avicenna's Doctrines of
                                                            Basic Physiological Principles of Unani Medicine 

10.45 to 11.00 AM                              Tea Break

11.00 to 1.30 PM                      Scientific Ssession 3

Hall 1:                 Chairmen: Dr. Khalid Siddiqui & Prof. Naim Ahmad Khan
30.Prof. S. A. Azmi                            Ibn Sīnā and Psychiatry

31.Dr. Syeeda Aamena Naaz             Gynecological Disorders Described by Ibn Sīnā

32. Dr. Saman Anees                           Analytical Study of Unani Drugs Used in
                                                            Gynaecological Disorders by Ibn Sīnā

33. Dr. Shazia S. Shamim                   Contribution of Ibn Sīnā in the Field of Preventive

34. Dr. Azizur Rahman                       Contribution of Ibn Sīnā to the Pharmaceutical Sciences

35. Dr. Asira Tarannum                       The valuable contribution of Ibn Sīnā in ‘Ilm al Saidlah
                                                            (Unani Pharmacy)

36. Dr. Abdullah                                  Importance of Unani Arabic pharmacopoeia “Al Qānūn
                                                            fi al Tibb, volume 5th”

37. Prof. Abdul Wadud                       Contribution of Ibn Sīnā in ‘Ilm al Advia

38. Dr. Farkhunda Jabin                      A Critical Analysis of Concept of Health and Disease
                                                            and Inevitability of Death in perspective of Al Qānūn fi
                                                            al Tibb

Hall 2                  Chairmen: Prof. Wazahat Huasain & Dr. I. H. Farooqui

39. Dr. Ghazala Mulla                         Ibn Sīnā: The sensational scientist with special
                                                            reference to Hijāmah -bis-Shurt in his comprehensive
                                                            book “Al-Qānūn fi al Tibb

40. Dr. Shariq Ali Khan                      Avicenna on Detoxification of Humours Through Fasd
                                                            (Venesection): Haemorrheological Interpretations

41. Dr. Hakim A Hannan                    Hijāmah (Cupping): A Safe and Effective Mode of

42. Dr. Ghazala Mulla                         Profile of people’s perception and performance patterns
                                                            with recommendations for standardization (SOPs) of
                                                            procedure of Hijāmah (Wet cupping)

43. Dr. Khan Nazia Zubair                  Pain- an unnatural and beneficial Symptom: Ibn Sīnā's

44. Dr. Abid Ali Ansari                       Influence of Ibn Sīnā on Unani Medicine in Subsequent
45. Dr. Saba Zaidi                               Ibn Sīnā and Theory of Humours

46. Dr. Gesche Johannknecht              Sleep, food, exercise:ʿIlāj bil tadbīr and ḥifz al ṣiḥḥa
                                                            in Ibn Sīnā’s works

1.30 to 2.30 PM                                  Lunch
                                                            at Ibn Sīnā Academy

3.00 to 5.00 PM                                  Scientific Session 4

Hall 1                  Chairmen: Dr. Claudia Preckel & Dr. Kathleen Marie Longwaters

47. Prof. S.M. Razaullah Ansari          Astronomical Researches of Ibn Sīnā

48. Dr. Amir M. Gamini                      Ibn Sīnā and his Report of the Venus Transit in 1032

49. Prof. Wasi Haider                          Ibn Sīnā Contribution in Physics

50. Dr. M. K. Ahmad                          Ibn Sīnā's contribution in Mathematical logic 

51. Dr. M. I. H. Farooqi                      Chemistry of some Herbal Medicines Mentioned in the                      Classic Works of Ibn Sīnā

52. Dr. Noman Ghani                         Ibn Sīnā on Minerals, Rocks and Geological Processes 

53. Prof. Wazahat Husain                    Contribution of Ibn Sīnā in the field of Single Drugs             (Mufaradāt) and Pharmacology: An Overview

54. Dr. Salahuddin Qureshi                 Environmental Considerations in Ibn Sīnā’s Medicinal                       Science 

55. Hkm. S. M. H. Nagrami                Ibn Sīnā kā Risālah fi alIshq ek Mutālaʻah

56. Dr. Ehsan Rauf                              Kutub Khāna Nadwatul ʻUlema Mein Ibn Sīnā ke      
ūtāt wa Matbūʻāt 

Hall 2                    Chairmen: Dr. Mirza H. Beg & Prof. Sanaullah Nadvi

57. Prof. Sharif Husain Qasmi            Ibn Sīnā ki Fārsi Tasānīf – Ek Jāizah

58. Dr. S. Abrar                                   Ibn Sīnā as a pioneer in Regimental Therapies with
                                                            Reference to al-Qānūn 

59. Dr. Mohsin Raza                           Abu Ali Ibn Sīnā Contribution to Surgery

60. Dr. Minhaj Ahmad                        Contributions of Ibn Sīnā in the Management of           

61. Dr. Afshan Jabeen                         Role of Cosmetology in the Management of
                                                            Bell's Palsy       
62. Prof. Zafar A. Siddiqui                  Ibn Sīnā kā Tasawwur-i Sheʻr

63. Prof. S. Ihtesham Ahmad Nadvi   Ibn Sīnā kā Qasīdah ʻAiniyyah

64. Dr. Ali Bin Mubark (Tunisia)        Al-Maʻārif al- Diniyyah ‘un Ibn Sīnā min ‘Ulūm
-Quran ilā Masālik alIrfān 

65. Dr. Ahmad Jafari (Algeria)            Al Sūrat al-Fanniyah fil Qasīdah alAiniyyah lil Raīs
                                                            Ibn Sīnā 

66. Dr. Abu Saʻd Islahi                        Rampur Raza Library mein Ibn Sīnā ki Tasnifāt

67. Dr. Halima Nazar                          Unani Treatment Option for Correction of Presbyopia

6.15 to 8.15 PM                                  Scientific Session 5

Hall 1
                    Chairpersons: Prof. Ghazala Mulla & Prof. Sirajul Islam
68. Dr. Safiya Lokhande                     Contributions of Ibn Sīnā in ophthalmology

69. Dr. Saleem Akhtar                         Relevance of Ibn Sīnā in Modern Era

70. Dr. Ather Moin Rasheeda              Relevance of Ibn Sīnā’s Canon of Medicine in Modern

71. Dr. Ghulamuddin Sofi                   Methods of enquiry in perspective of Dānish Nāmah ‘Alāi
                                                            by Ibn Sīnā

72. Dr. Farha Rizwan                          Importance of Nutrition in Tuberculosis, Patients in
                                                            context with the views of Ibn Sīnā

73. Dr. Qureshi T.                               Concept of Ibn Sīnā about Infectious Diseases and
                                                            Development of Effective Unani Formulation for the
                                                            Treatment of Shigellosis

74. Dr. Mohd. Usman                         Valuable Contributions of IbnSīnā in Infectious diseases
                                                            with Special Reference to Al Qānūn Fi al Tibb

75. Dr. Abul Hasan Ashraf                  Experience of Research for Anti-Paralytic Activities of
                                                            Selected Unani Drugs- Mentioned in Al-Qānūn Fi al Tibb

Hall 2                    Chairmen: Prof. S. M. Razaullah Ansari & Dr. Gesche Johannknecht
76. Dr. Claudia Preckel                       "The Hell of all Diseases"– Ibn Sīnā Toothache and Tooth                worms in Unani Medicine and European Medical
                                                            Traditions (11th –20th Centuries)

77. Prof. G. S. A. Hannan                   Work of Ibn Sīnā on Four Humours Applying Clinical and                                                    Conventional Laboratory Techniques

78. Dr. Fazlul Mohsin Khan                Cupping as an Adjuctive Therapy in the treatment of
                                                            Paralysis (Falij)

79. Prof. Rais Akhtar                           Ibn Sīnā’s Perspective of Environment and Health

80. Prof. Syed Farman Husain            Ibn Sīnā ki Tafsir Āyāt Quran

81. Dr. Ata Khursheed                        Maulana Azad Library, Aligarh Mein Ibn Sīnā ke

82. Dr. Syed Masood Hasan               Āthār Ibn Sīnā: Khuda Bakhsh Library, Patna Mein

83. Dr. Shamim Irshad                        Raza Library Mein Maujūd ‘Ilm Kīmiyā per Ibn Sīnā kā
                                                            ek aham Risālah

84. Dr. Asim Shahada Ali, Malaysia   Ihtemām al Gharb be Āthār Ibn Sīnā Fi al Qurūn al
                                                            wustā: ‘Ard wa Tahlīl

85. Dr. Mohd. Ali Ebneyan, Jordan    Juhood Ibn Sīnā Al Fikriyyah wa al Tarbaviyyah

9.00 PM                                              Dinner:
                                                            at Habib Manzil, Marris Road

27th October 2014

7.30 to 8.30 AM                                 Breakfast
9.00 to 10.30 AM                              Scientific Session 6

Hall 1                    Chairmen: Prof. Noman Ghani & Prof. S. H. Afaq
86. Dr. Y. Tzvi Langermann                The Reception of Ibn Sīnā’s Qānūn among the Jews:                                                             Transcriptions, Translations & Commentaries

87. Dr. Syed Touheed Ahmed             Some Manuscripts of Ibn Sīnā Existing in Salar Jung
                                                            Museum, Hyderabad

88. Dr. Yunus Jaffery                           Psychology and the art of Medicine

89. Dr. H. Khonandel                          The Metaphysics of Agency: Avicenna and his legacy

90. Dr. Abdul Moiz Shams                  Ibn Sīnā aur Amrād Chashm- Tibbi Pesh Raft kā ek Jāizah

91. Tabibah Ruby Anjum                    Ilm Sīnā aur ‘Ilm Ghiza

92. Dr. Azizur Rahman                       The Philosophy of Arkān - Ibn Sina’s Perspective

Hall 2:                   Chairmen: Dr. Mohsin Raza & Dr. Kamal Ahmad Rizvi

93. Dr. Wasim Ahmad                         Ibn Sīnā on the Concept of Harārat Ghariziyah

94. Dr. Abdul Ali                                 Main Features of Ibn Sīnā as a Physician with Special
                                                            Reference to Psychotherapy

95. Dr. Qazi Zaid Ahmad                    Avicenna’s contribution to the Psychology

96. Dr. Abdul Latif                              Contribution of Ibn Sīnā in the Treatment of Genetic
                                                            disorder: Vitiligo

97. Dr. Sufiyan Ahmad Ghawte          Ibn Sīnā's Harārat Gharizia: Old philosophy in the light
                                                            of new Physiology

98. Dr. Qudsia Zehra Mirza                Ibn Sīnā as a Physician & His Work on Branches of

99. Dr. Ashfaque Ahmad                     Ibn Sīnā as a Poet in Medicine

10.30 to 11.00 AM                              Tea Break

11.00 AM to 1.30 PM                         Scientific Session 7

Hall 1                    Chairmen: Dr. Y. Tzvi Langermann & Dr. Sikandar Hayat
100. Dr. Mirza Hasan Beg                  Surgical Principles of Ibn Sīnā

101. Dr. Ashhar Qadeer                      Studies on Ibn Sīnā in India with reference to Institute of
                                                            History of Medicine & Medical Research, New Delhi

102. Dr. Latif Hussain Shah Kazmi    Ibn Sīnā’s Relevance today as an Islamic Philosopher

103. Hkm. Abdul Bari                         Impact of Ibn Sīnā’s Medical Works in India

104. Dr. Neshat Quaiser                      Some Observations on the Avicenna’s medical heritage in
                                                            the Quṭub Shāhī’s era: Comprehending Intersections of

105. Dr. Mohd. Raziul Islam Nadvi    Ibn Sīnā kī aham Tibbi Tasnīf Daf’ul Madār al Kulliyah
                                                            ‘un al abdān al insāniyah

106. Dr. Syed Shakeb Arsalan            Qānūn Ibn Sīnā aur Daure Jadeed

Hall 2                      Chairmen: Prof. Mansoor A. Siddiqui & Prof. Wasi Haider

107. Dr. Mohd. Rehan                        Al- Qaseedah al Musarr’ah fi al Mantiq Ibn Sīnā –T’āruf
                                                            wa Tajziyah

108. Dr. Hayat Amir Hussaini             Ibn Sīnā’s Theory of Prophecy

109. Prof. Iqtidar H. Siddiqui              The Impact of Ibn Sīnā on the Life & Culture in India
                                                            during the period of the Sultanate of Delhi

110. Dr. M. Naseer                              Cardio-protective drugs with especial reference to Kitab
                                                            al-Adwiyah al-Qalbiyah: A Review

111. Dr. M. K. Rabee                          Ibn Sīnā's Nabd Shanāsi (Pulsology) - Time to redeem

112. Dr. M. Najeeb Khan                    Some Manuscripts of Ibn Sīnā Accessible in APGOM
                                                            Library and Research Institute, Hyderabad

113. Dr. S.M. Safdar Ashraf                The work of Ibn Sina on Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib highlighted in “Kitab al Qanoon fit Tib” and its significance with present period

1.30 to 2.30 PM                                  Lunch
                                                            at Ibn Sīnā Academy

2.30 to 4.00 PM                                  Valedictory session:

.00 PM                       Tea